I’m Still Alive!

I didn’t intend to take an entire month off from posting, but here we are.

I mostly blame the release of two long-awaited (for me, at least) pieces of media on back-to-back weeks: Brandon Sanderson’s book Rhythm of War, which clocked in at 1200 pages; and Shadowlands, the new World of Warcraft expansion, which got delayed over a month. That, plus the American Thanksgiving holiday, means that I’ve gotten pretty much zero writing done in the last 30 days. I’ve watched plenty of movies, but nothing specifically for the blog.

I’ve still got 2-3 reviews in the bank for Disney movies, and a couple more than that for the nostalgia films. I’m going to go ahead and queue them up for December, and hopefully I’ll have enough time to rebuild my buffer before we hit 2021.

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