No Post Tomorrow, and Schedule News

So dummy me forgot to transfer the post that’s supposed to go up tomorrow from my flash drive to my Google Drive. And unfortunately, that flash drive is currently sitting on my desk at one of my two jobs, and I won’t be back there until next week due to the Memorial Day holiday weekend. So instead of trying to rush re-write it, or scramble to get a different movie’s post done, I’m just going to skip this week.

Speaking of jobs, after literal years of searching for full-time employment, I finally found one! And it turns out to be a promotion at the non-flash drive job, so I guess I could have saved myself a whole lot of filling out applications?

Anyway, I still have to sign all of the paperwork for it, but I believe my full-time hours won’t begin until July. When they do, that may affect my movie watching and writing schedule, though hopefully not too much. I like being able to have a post up at least once a week (well, usually). We’ll play it by ear for now.

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